Work Package 5 – Concept Validation

Objective: The objective of WP5 was to measure the effectiveness of the developed methodology.
Status: Completed.

Visual search computer-based experiment

Tasks completed
Task 5.1: Preparation of photos for validation tests.
Task 5.2: Validation tests.
Task 5.3: Analysis of test results and reporting.

1. Relevant Documents

2. Validation Software (Software for Visual search experiments)

Please follow the link below to download the zip file containing the validation software. It can be used for computer-based (lab) experiments in visual search. We chose to develop a validation tool to contact computer-based visual search experiments because it allows fro conducting tests with more volunteers in a shorter amount of time and with less logistical considerations that field experiments. The tool is written in Python and uses the Django web framework. It can randomly present worksite to the user (volunteer), record mouse clicks on the images, store click information into a database.

Download validation software

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