Literature Study – Standards for safety apparel

ISO EN 20471:2013 – High visibility clothing

– Came into effect in 2013 and replaced  EN 471 – “High visibility clothing for professional”
– Three classes are specified and three colors (FS yellow, FS orange-red, FS red)
– Risk assessment is required and involves consideration of the factors which may affect an observer’s ability to detect that a person is present.
Standard can be viewed at

EN 1150 – Visibility Clothing for Nonprofessional Use

– Addresses visibility clothing for non-professional use. 
– It outlines the use of both fluorescent background fabric and retro-reflective material to achieve enhanced conspicuity against most background conditions found in urban and rural situations both day and night.
– There is also a wider range of colors specified (fluorescent green, yellow-green, yellow, yellow-orange, orange, orange-red, red) and pink.

GO/RT 3279 Issue 8 High Visibility Clothing

This Railway Group Standard published by the Rail Safety and Standards Board
Limited (RSSB) specifies the minimum requirements for high visibility clothing that
is to be worn on or near the railway lines in the UK to give drivers of rail vehicles a
conspicuous warning of the presence of people

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